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The photographs on this page have been sent to us by customers showing how they have made use of our stencils. Click on any image to take you to the featured design in our catalogue.

"The Egyptian stencils worked a treat. They are in the upstairs shower room and the downstairs toilet - here are some sample pics."
Nigel Gant, United Kingdom

"I used your mosaic stencil for my outside patio. It took 2 1/2 months to finish and I may never do another outside patio project again, but the results are great."
Eve Nash, Memphis TN

"I thought you might get a kick out of how I used one of your stencils. I transferred the stencil to plywood and used coloured pencils to represent the different colour tiles. You have to make sure that the thickness of the wood and the thickness of the glass smalti (tiles) will equal the thickness of any other tile you use.
It is like putting together a huge jigsaw puzzle, you have to cut the tiles to make the curves (using a tile wheel makes it really easy) and secure them with "Wellbond" glue. I mounted the plywood to the wall with screws into studs and used different colour tiles so we would know where there were and then grouted."
Tracey Beauchamp, New York

"I thought i'd send you some pictures of my newly decorated room with the celtic knot stencil I ordered. It turned out great. The stencil colours for the wall are Royal blue and Mulberry. Thank you for a great product and such great customer service."
Jennifer Rowan

"I can't thank you enough for your beautiful stencil. I keep it on my work table - under my glass cutting area - so I can admire it all the time. Here is a photo of my faux glass etching on the window in my studio. I also did two windows in my living room. They look better than I ever dreamed of."
Kristi, British Columbia

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