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The photographs on this page have been sent to us by customers showing how they have made use of our stencils. Click on any image to take you to the featured design in our catalogue.

This Koi Carp from our watergarden section was stencilled in the normal way using fabric paint. The shimmering effect of the scales were then enhanced by hand embelleshment using a dimensional fabric paint.

This dragon was stencilled onto fabric using fabric paint.

It was then hand embelleshed using different coloured dimensional paint.
Just wanted to share a picture from my 12 yr. old daughter’s bedroom project. We painted 3 walls hot pink, and one wall black. We stenciled white chandeliers throughout the black wall. It looks fabulous! The stencil has perfect detail. Thank you!

Jackie Sopuch

The frogs are alive and well in the United States. The stencils were everything I hoped for.

Bill L.
Here is a picture of the kindgom dragon me and my son painted on our wall. It turned out great!

Triet & Dan

Several phots of 'our conservatory acquarium' courtesy of your fantastic stencils. My daughter and I loved every minute of its creation!

Lisa Mason
(Newcastle Staffs)

Hi Julie,

I can't tell you how thrilled I was to find the stencils you offered.

Here are a couple of pictures of my recently painted motorcycle.

It was my first time doing any work like this and I wanted to put something that had meaning on my 25 year old classic.

Thank you for helping me accomplish a dream.

Paul Owens, Miami

I am specially proud of the parrot, which came out beautiful.

This is the first stencilling this customer has ever done. The first picture show a tired looking bathroom. The second picture is the bathroom transformed.
"I thought you might like to see the result of your stencils. I am over the moon with the result. My bathroom now looks stunning. From *Happy of Mersyside*

One for your gallery, Julie! We're very pleased with this! The fairy has been created using glow in the dark paint, as seen on our website. She's very sparkly, isn't she? Alison, Starz Ceilings.

This Spring you enlarged the Aztec Sun for us. It has gone on the wall of our new home. The house stands in the Sole Mio Park, and we thought a sun on our wall would be appropriate. I attach a picture of the 'House with the Sun' as it is known now.

Kind Regards,

Louise Warmerdam-Geerling

Golden chandeliers - Ffion Bending sent us this photo of her wardrobe

I've included photo's of the t-shirt. We're very much a family type masquerade band and have people from Sweden and Norway who come to London every year to get covered in mud and have a great time on the streets of Notting Hill.

I just wanted to show you what I did with your products. Thanks very much to both companies.

Last year my mom and I purchased the Magic Tree and Castle w/ Turrets from you to create a mural for my nephew’s bedroom. It took us about 4 weeks to complete since we only worked evenings but at Christmas we got it all hung up in my nephew’s bedroom. He is only 8 months old now but loves to play with Jester and Wizard while he is getting changed. I have attached some pictures so you can see how lovely it all turned out. We were able to use parts of the tree stencil to also create little trees and bushes and parts of the castle to create the ruins with our name in them. My mom and I had a wonderful time doing this and we didn’t argue one time (which is amazing). We used the dry brush stencil paints and they blended wonderfully!

I wanted to show you how my little harpsichord came out with your angel stencil. I was afraid the angel wouldn't show up well with gold paint against the blue, so I did one coat of white underneath. She turned out beautiful. Sincerely, Ellen Olson, Jacksonville, FL, USA

Baroque angel on glass

Before and after Egyptian Stencilling from Tobi Beck

Baroque Angel from Miroslav Tatic Beli and his daughter.Belgrade, Serbia

Picture of our baby's room - I just wanted to thank you again for the special stencils that you have and to show you how our work came out... we are really happy with the outcome and hear alot of good feedback from friends and family. Liraz Bergman-Turner

From Mark Watts, two views of planet earth, one using Glow in the Dark paint and the other, Acrylic on black canvas

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