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Stencils from Stencil Kingdom

We are a UK company designing and manufacturing our own stencils. We are actively developing new ideas and are open to suggestions from our customers. Our bespoke design and resizing service is for both businesses and individuals, with small runs our speciality. All of our stencils are precision cut from tough flexible mylar.

Here are some examples of the service we have provided:

LOGOS Here are the Everton and Liverpool football crests that we created as a two layered stencil for a client. The original football crests are displayed on the right.

RED BULL LOGO We created a series of Red Bull stencils for another client for decorating skate board ramps.

Thomas Pink is a designer silk shirt company. With our co-operation. they have used our coral reef mural set of designs as a display feature in the windows of their numerous retail outlets:

The Royal Armouries Museum in Leeds have commissioned several sets of designs that are used in their themed stencil workshops. Here is an example of a George and the Dragon stencil that we developed for them:

Lettering - We find many customers want poems or phrases especially sized, in a font of their choice. Here is a sample quotation:

Our designs have been produced for several magazines in the UK and in the USA, including Changing Rooms, Essentials and Sali. This image is part of the front cover of a Sali Magazine where our design was featured and included as a stencil:


If you have any enquiries we are happy to respond.
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