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Stencils from Stencil Kingdom

Viking Stencils: Click on any stencil for a larger view or to add to your shopping basket.

Marching Birds Ornaments

Dragon Ornament from a cross slab - Isle of Man

Stylized Warriors (Valsgarde-Sweden)

Viking Horse

Anglo Saxon Gold Brooch

Anglo Saxon Shield

Anglo Saxon Helmet

Viking Helmet

Viking Horse Border

Serpents Nest

Runestone with Serpent

Runestone Lady with Swan

Entwined Rune Serpents

Wild Animal Border

Animal coin

Viking Gold Jewellery

Wild Animal Border with Runes

Viking Coin

Viking Treasure

Viking Coin

Viking Shield

Runestone with Cross

Intertwined Serpents

Beast with Ship

Runestone with Beasts

Giant Extendable Viking Long Ship kit

Extendable Viking Longship kit

Sail for Viking Ship 06A

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