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Stencils from Stencil Kingdom

Oriental Stencils: Click on any stencil for a larger view or to add to your shopping basket.

Willow with Swallows

Willow with Swallows

Flower Panel with Birds

Oriental Flower Panel with Bird

Chinese Phoenix

Two Gold Dragons

Playful Chinese Lions

Chinese Chrysanthemum Border Set

Waterlilies with Egrets



Lotus Flower

Lotus Flower Border

Butterfly Decor Set

Pair of Corner Decorations

Dragon Ring

Orange Flower Border

Orange Flower Circle

Phoenix Panel

Intricate Trellis


Chinese Dragon Mask

Chinese Dragon Panel

Chinese Dragon Mask

Chinese Dragon

Chinese Dragon Mask

Corner Design with Butterfly

Oriental Frame

Magnolia Branch With Birds

Baby Dragon

Eagle Watching For Prey

Barcelona Dragon

Dragon with Bamboo Lamp

Bamboo Lantern

Fu Dog Magic

Phoenix Rising Panel


Wallpaper design with pagodas

Scene with Bridge

Scene with Pagoda

Scene with man on rock

Scene with Pagoda

Ornate Chinese Bridge

Chinese Style Clouds

Chinese style Mountain with waterfall

Heron with Bulrushes


Chrysanthemums on Rock

Water Margin

Flowering Tree On Rock

Tree on Rock

Bamboo on Rock


Chinese Calender Animals

Chinese New Year Calender

Pine Tree

Decorative Border

Birds on Blossom

Flowering tree with vine

Flowering tree with vine and bird


Chinese Dragon

Dragon with Phoenix

Phoenix Circle

Eagle on snowy mountain top

Chinese Dragon

Chinese Dragon

Dragon Circle

Dragon with Border

Dragon with Fire Border

Red Dragon

White Dragon

Cockerel Walking

Cockerel Dance

Animal Border Set

Flying Cockerel

Oriental Motif

Chinese Warlord with Axe

Chinese Warlord with Bent Arrow

Chinese Warlord fighting Demons

Attacking Dragon


Dancing Phoenix



Chinese Fu Dog


Willow Pattern

Bamboo Set

Cherry Ginger Jar

Chinese Pot

Chinese Border

Lace Border

Three Small Borders

Trelliss & Flower Frieze

Fengshui Animals

Feng Shui Cycle (bad cycle)

Feng Shui Cycle (good cycle)

Cherry Tree & Peacock

Kitchen Blessing

Feng Shui Chart

Wood, Metal, Water, Fire, Earth


Kitchen Blessing Border


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