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The photographs on this page have been sent to us by customers showing how they have made use of our stencils. Click on any image to take you to the featured design in our catalogue.

These images show some of our Egyptian stencil designs as featured on Monster House - an "extreme" home remodelling show.

Monster House 1

Featured stencils:
Egypt04: Pillar Hieroglyphics
Egypt45: Egyptian Alphabet
Egypt02: Lotus Border
Monster House 5

Featured stencils:
Egypt20: Anubis
Egypt30: Neckbet
Egypt21: Horus
Egypt40: Scarab and Cobra Border


Monster House 4

Featured stencils:
Egypt02: Lotus Border
Egypt04: Pillar Hieroglyphics
Egypt45: Egyptian Alphabet
Monster House 2

Featured stencils:
Egypt13: Set of 3 Panels


Authentic italian plasters provided by Ancient Strokes Design Studios, covering the NJ, NY metropolitan areas:

Historic 01: The Creation of Adam

Madeleine Faulkenburg wrote "I used the Egyptian Stencils in my entranceway and they turned out fabulous":

Joyce Esfield now has a most beautiful stencilled ceiling. We prepared the lettering stencils to her specification and the border used on the ceiling is from our mosaic section (Mosaic 07) Adelphi Borber.

Gareth Walters has had a lot of fun with colour when he stencilled this dragon:

Georges Dragon - Dragon10A

Pauline Kang'ethe has done well. This is her first attempt at stenciling:

Transport04: Classic Steam Train

Gareth Walters decided on a Wedgewood style them for his room:

Greek 11 Aphrodite and Greek 14 Cupid and Aphrodite


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