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The photographs on this page have been sent to us by customers showing how they have made use of our stencils. Click on any image to take you to the featured design in our catalogue.

From Tiffany Pitts
I recently bought this stencil to paint my son's room (one of his middle names is Catfish) and I was so proud of how it turned out I thought I would send along some pictures of it! I thought maybe you could use it for the gallery page of your website because it really shows off the quality of your stencil. I am in the process of putting up the catkin border in my own bedroom and I am equally pleased with the results. I will definitely be ordering more from your company and have been telling everybody that will listen about your website! Thank you so much for the ideas.
From Jane Jones
She found baby wipes ideal for cleaning her stencils.

From Rogelio Rodriguez Jr
I have used your stencils and enjoyed them from start to finish. I have used different colours and hope you don't get offended. Many of my friends asked how, who and how much...

From Nii Puri
Thanks for the stenciling instructions. The stencil turned out just as I had hoped and I am very pleased with it. Just thought I'd send you some photos so others could see what it looked like.

From Caa Gregory
A Jungle theme for her nursery
From Kathy Klym
I thought I'd send you a few pictures of my masterpiece. I used the stencil to cover the dividing line between two colours in my teenage son's bedroom. Everyone who has seen the completed room is really impressed. I found the stencil really easy to use once I discovered the spray on sticky stuff. Another thing I did was to purchase some sponges. Because of the intricacies of the stencil, sponges got in all the little cracks and creases. Anyway, I haven't found anything like this stencil on the internet and my son was thrilled to have something unique on his walls. It was truely a pleasure doing business with you and when the need arises to order another stencil I will absolutely use your company again.

From Sue
I am really pleased with the results of my first attempt. The stencil is in our newly decorated hall in Lot-et-Garonne. Thank you for an excellent service.
  From Kelly Sechrist
This is how I made use of the wonderful stencils I got from you. I do decorative painting and really haven't used stencils at all but my mother had my father build her this unusual cabinet like ones she had seen in antique shops. And of course she wanted me to paint on what the cabinets had on she had seen. Your stencils made that job much more easy and quicker for me.

From Charles Ham
His customized bike.
  Customized Skate Board

From Sue Stone
Thanks for sending me the rabbit stencil. It turned out just as I wanted. I love the rabbits.
From Nigel Gant alias The Bonnacon
Here you see 3 of 30 shields he made for a re-enactment group.

From Mary K Collins
I finished stenciling the room for my birds using your jungle stencils.

From Heather McClure
I love the castle stencil. It was a great stencil to work with. I wanted to show you how great it turned out. Thanks again for the great stencil and I am looking forward to ordering more of your wonderful stencils.
From Sasha Core
I took the easy way out and, since it was my first time, stencilled all white on my daughters wall. Everyone gave me some great compliments.

The Work of Ellen Palmer
This most beautiful embroidered quilt uses our Wisteria stencil to great effect.
From Ruth Bagley
I really enjoyed getting the stencil of the Eiffel Tower. I now have a 6ft tower on my living room wall. I painted the wall red and then stenciled the Eiffel tower in black and then foam brushed metallic gold on top to give a realistic metal feel. Everybody stops by to see my wall. The Eiffel tower holds special memories as on my birthday my husband took me to the top of the tower and proposed.


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