Brian Froud Stencils : Set of Three Faeries

The Positive Pixie (top left in set of three):
This Pixie is helpful to have around especially when serving spaghetti or unravelling knotty problems.

The Sink Fairy (top right in set of three):
This malodorous creature lives down the drain.

The Mischievous Faery (bottom in set of three):
You need to be a little cautious if you notice this little creature around.

Set of Three Faeries (Froud05A)
Positive Pixie - 7 x 5inches (18 x 13cm)
Sink Faery - 11 x 8inches (28 x 21cm)
Mischievous Faery - 6 x 13inches (16 x 33cm)
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Set of Three Faeries Large (Froud05B)
Positive Pixie - 9 x 7inches (23 x 18cm)
Sink Faery - 12 x 10inches (31 x 26cm)
Mischievous Faery - 8 x 17inches (21 x 44cm)
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